5 Common Furnace Problems & When Need to Call the Experts

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Furnaces are often complex home machines that are known to break down for a series of reasons. When the furnace fails to work and the heat isn’t flowing, there might be a change that it might be due to one of the issues listed in this article.

Here are five common furnace problems and when you need to call the experts.

The Furnace is Outdated

Just as with any machine you buy, a furnace will age and slowly become outdated as time goes by. However, with proper maintenance, the lifespan will increase and last as much as twenty years.

Clogged Filters

One common issue that occurs in furnaces is the clogged filters. This issue is known to decrease the efficiency of the unit and increase the wear and tear of the machine. That is due to the overuse and extra labor that goes into producing the ideal temperature within the home. A furnace may often stop blowing air if it is clogged. To prevent this, you can change the filter around three times a year.

Power Shortages

Just as with most machines, furnaces need a certain amount of electricity to operate properly. If the fuse is damaged, this can cause the breaker to damage the circulation of power through the system. There are also other possibilities of poor wiring or loose wires.

Damages Belts

The belts inside the furnace blower may be broken as it is known to wear out over long periods of time. When the belt is damaged, this will make it nearly impossible for the furnace to circulate hot air throughout the system. The best way to resolve this is to contact your HVAC expert and replace the belt properly.

Ignition Problems

The pilot lights will easily go out when a sudden draft entered the furnace room. This can become a serious issue when the igniter gets loose or rusted. These common issues can easily be solved by blocking the source of the air draft and replacing the igniter piece.

What furnace problems have you encountered recently? What was done to prevent or repair such issues? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!