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Has your air conditioner finally had enough and just suddenly stopped working? Here at Phoenix AC and Heating, our own well-trained technicians deliver 24/7 emergency service in Carefree therefore you do not have to be unpleasant in the intensive Arizona temperatures. Phone us at any time, night or day to get your A/C working in no time.  Everyone knows if the AC breaks down in Arizona, it is an crucial circumstance, and most times you just can't wait until the following working day to get service. Our company has educated techs on call twenty-four hours a day for circumstances along these lines. They are really proficient in dealing with many brands, and will figure out and fix your air conditioner promptly.

We are one of the most honest HVAC contractors in the Carefree vicinity, and we consistently make an effort to offer the most direct and transparent pricing quotes so there are not any unusual situations when the work is done.  Our well-known and reputable company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. And, to serve the residents of Carefree, AZ in the best way possible, we ensure that all of our techs are fully trained in the most recently released HVAC repair methods.  We are recommended by thousands of our committed customers who continue to use our services year in year out,  Need to see more? Continue reading about our services below.

Emergency Residential and Commercial AC Repair in Carefree

24-Hour Service on Air Conditioners in CarefreeWhatever the time of day, contact us for your emergency A/C repair needs.  We offer ac repair in Carefree and everywhere in between. Our services cover the whole region, and at any time we can have a tech go to your home or office for quick repairs.  We understand that often times in Arizona, the hot weather can be extreme and for many people poses a health hazard. For this reason we are geared up and ready to go for any Carefree air conditioning repair emergency calls that come in.  At any time when a cooling unit breaks down in the hottest season, it is an emergency. Our technicians will be in route to identify and fix the issue immediately.

Of course, the costs of an emergency cooling system repair call can cost more than a usual service call, but the cost is reasonable for the service provided.  Our name speaks for itself! Very few other businesses in AZ can match our wide range of very affordable products and services, and none can match our history of outstanding customer service.  In addition to the emergency ac repair services that our company provides, we also offer general repairs during common business hours, maintenance, and installation of residential and business heating and cooling systems.

Taking care of your heating and cooling system on a regular basis is recommended by the experts. Maintenance checks completed by professionals will help locate any issues that may be going on with your system before they turn into significant expenses.  We are not a fly-by-night company; our business is a highly respected and reputable Arizona air conditioning contractor. We are proud to be a part of the local community and offer our services to the homeowners and businesses of the Phoenix Metro area.  Whenever you hire us for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) repairs, installation, or maintenance, rest assured that the job will be done right the first time!  In the next section, we will go over the value of air conditioner maintenance and how it can help you to spend less.

If you use our maintenance service you will definitely avert an emergency call out, you will also extend the lifespan of the unit and most importantly save money.  We advise getting a service checkup from us regularly, the most important time is right before you are going to use your ac unit for an extended period i.e. just before the hot summer months start.  You might be thinking that you can save money by doing an ac unit check yourself, undoubtedly, that is possible for those with experience; but unless you really know what you are doing, perhaps it's more cost saving to pay for the pro checkup.

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Arizona Residents

When doing simple home maintenance on your AC unit, be sure to turn off the power to the unit to ensure your own safety.  For some effortless preventative steps that you can take, here are a few easy things that you can do every 4 weeks or so:

* Clearing the debris from the unit. Remove leaves, twigs, or other debris with gloves and a hose if necessary.
* Every month or so, check and clean the fins.
* Using a coil fin tool, you can straighten any bent fins on the unit. Damaged fins will restrict the air flow keep it from optimal performance.
* Check to see that your unit is level. A/C units that are not level an end up costing you serious bucks!

Here are several more complex maintenance steps to take, which you really should let the experts take care of if you do not know what you are doing:

1. The evaporator coil will need to be cleaned. This part is inside of the ac unit and you will need to remove parts in order to get to it.
2. In order to prevent an emergency air conditioner repair, make sure that you are not having any HVAC water drainage issues. Cleaning out the ac condensate line will prevent mold and algae and takes just a few minutes to do.
3. The blower filter needs to be changed every 3 months at the very least. Filters can range from $6 to over $60 on the high end. Most homeowners who change their air filters once per month, can get utilizing the lower priced filters, but if you have someone in your family with serious seasonal allergies, then you might wish to use a better filter.

Obviously there is much more to our total maintenance service, we will ensure your ac is fully functional and ready to work at maximum efficiency for the season ahead.  Never hesitate to call on the help of an expert! We will certainly be able to assist you with any HVAC question.

Cooling and Heating Service and Repair in Carefree, Arizona

Emergency HVAC Service Call in CarefreeNeed a new AC unit? Our new air conditioning installation service also includes a trouble free full maintenance plan. A properly maintained air conditioner will give you years of trouble free use. Call us to learn more about this!  Keeping your HVAC maintained is important, if you get the unit prepared before the hot season it is less likely you are going to ever require an emergency call out.  When you need you AC repaired in Carefree we can be there very quickly! Our emergency AC repair service is affordable and we stock parts for most name brand units.  We make it easy and affordable! Just call us and we will be out to help with your Arizona air conditioning needs.

Trying to do maintenance yourself will require many specialized tools and might lead to more expensive repairs if you make a mistake. We offer some of the best rates in the Valley and can be in & out very quickly!  Some people that undertake annual home A/C maintenance may diagnose a problem successfully but then when they go to buy parts they pay full retail price. We offer reasonable prices on all parts and labor. When it is time for your AC maintenance, give us call. We look forward to earning your business for years to come!  When it comes to Carefree AC repair reviews throughout the Valley we are ranked as one of the best. Call us today to receive our top-rated service at an affordable price.

Performing annual maintenance on your unit is one of the best ways to prevent a costly AC repair in the future.  When you discover that your air conditioner needs repaired just pick the phone up and call us. We will be out very quickly and discuss the most affordable solutions for your situation.  Do you need AC repair or maintenance services right now?  We are going to look after you every step of the way. We pride the best air conditioning repair in Carefree whenever you need it.   The list below will help you determine if your AC unit needs a repair or basic maintenance. Paying attention to these tips can avert a complete failure in the near future.

Air Conditioning Service by Roger in Carefree* Does your unit seem like it is not performing efficiently? (Not blowing out as much cold air - get our service men out there now before it is too late and the unit stops or causes more problems)
* If the AC unit only blow warm/hot air
* The unit seems like it's not running full speed (This could be a very simple fix but might turn into an expensive repair if not corrected)
* Water dripping/leaking out of the unit - Unexplained water around the unit is not normal. This could be a simple maintenance issue. Call us before it turns into an emergency repair.
* Cycling on and off for no reason - (If the unit is running in short cycles and cutting out on a regular basis you are going to need us in there sooner rather than later.)
* Strange noise - While it might be something simple, it should probably be diagnosed by a technician to determine the cause.
* Bad odor - Will require a technician to diagnose the problem.
* Frost on coils - (Needs a technician for proper diagnoses. Could be blocked condensation lines, reduced air flow or a refrigerant leak to name a few potential problems.)
* Won't start - (Needs diagnosed by a technician. It could be as simple as a lack of electricity or a seized motor to name a couple of potential problems)

If you do not look after your unit and keep it well maintained it is going to cost you so much more money.  Not keeping up with the maintenance on your ac will not only increase your electricity bill, it will also lead to costly emergency calls.  Because we understand that taking care of your ac unit is important, our knowledgeable staff will be able to diagnose any problem that you may encounter in Arizona .  Call us now if your ac is showing signs of trouble, by fixing the issues early on, you can avoid a complete outage when it's over 100 degrees. A summer breakdown is really something that you should try to prevent.  Why look anywhere else whenever we are fair on our prices, our techs are highly skilled, and we are a company that you can count on.  If you have any more questions or are worried about your unit read more of our frequently asked questions below.

We Can Diagnose Your A/C Problem Quickly

When should you call for emergency ac repair in Carefree?  Here is a helpful list of times that our emergency services might be needed.  Call now for immediate HVAC assistance for the following problems:

1. One of the first signs that something is wrong with your AC system is a bad smell.
2. Call right away if your air flow is not strong.
3. Strange noises that you have not heard before should be investigated.
4. If the coil has frozen.
5. Water leaks cannot be ignored. Call if this is happening.
6. If there is a connection problem and your ac will not turn on at all, you should call for professional help.

When using your AC, it is important to monitor it closely, If you find any issues that are not normal, then you can always get help from us.  We do not believe in high pressure "sales". We simply offer you the best options and it is up to you to make the final decision on how you wish to proceed.  Reasons to go with our air conditioning repair Carefree services:  Our technicians are certified and attend classes on a regular basis in order to stay on top of the most recent techniques in heat pump repair, ductless AC repair and all other types of AC system repair.

From Our Satisfied Customers in Carefree

Customer's HVAC Service Choice in CarefreeIn AZ, we have been well known for years for our superior customer service, great products, and reasonable prices.  Why look anywhere else for Carefree air conditioner repair? We are available 24 hours a day for any air conditioner emergency.  We will not stop working until your HVAC is up and running again, we just want you to be completely happy and pleased with the work we have done.  Here's more proof that our customers are pleased with air conditioning repair Carefree work we do:

"For all of our air conditioning service needs, we always call Phoenix AC and Heating, and would not go with anyone else.  They always arrive on time and the techs are always professional and very helpful." (D. Arellano, Carefree, AZ)

"I've been using this company for a few years now and am a satisfied customer." (Bill Powell, AZ)

"I needed an air conditioning contractor Carefree and called them up, it was an emergency for us and they came fast. Our heat pump had completely stopped worked, it was back up and running in less than an hour. We now use them to maintain our HVAC and it stays running all year round no problems at all." (Tom R., Carefree,Arizona)

Try to prevent needing our emergency AC repair service by using our all in one maintenance service.  A customer service agent is able to assist you now, call: 602-313-1777

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