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Are you in need of an emergency repair? Or possibly, are you wanting a completely new air conditioner since your existing A/C totally quit? It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, or your location in Cave Creek, give us a call now in order to schedule an expert air conditioning inspection.  Our professionals will be assisting as soon as possible and also have you up and running again in no time at all.  Our company prides itself on having the capability to offer our valued clients the most truthful estimates and best rates so you are aware what to anticipate when the task is done.

We are glad to say that our company has been in business for years and due to the high standards we have set for our company, we have earned a strong reputation in Cave Creek and the surrounding areas.  We are highly recommended by thousands of our devoted customers who continue to use our services yearly.  Keep reading for more details on specifically what services we provide.

Get Emergency AC Repairs Today in Cave Creek

Extreme Heat ArizonaNo matter what time of day, give us a call for your emergency A/C repair needs.  Not only do we offer Cave Creek ac repair services, but we also cover all of the outlying areas. We cover the whole area and can be with you and have you back up and running again super-fast.  Air conditioning repair Cave Creek is very important, there are many times in the year when it is baking hot, occasionally too hot to cope with.  In the summer months in Arizona, when your cooling unit stops working, we will automatically identify it as an emergency. We do not want anyone to be in harm's way as a result of not having a comfortable home to stay in.

 Of course, the costs of an emergency cooling system repair call can cost more than a regular service call, but the cost is reasonable for the service provided.  Take time to do your homework on HVAC contractors in AZ, you will find that we have a long-standing reputation for knowledgeable and well trained technicians, great products and Valleywide convenience.

Valleywide AC/HVAC Repair and Installation Service

If you do not need emergency ac repair services, we also offer standard repairs, installation, and maintenance services on most all makes and models of ac units during our normal business hours.  We highly recommend that you schedule maintenance checkups at least once a year to prevent more really expensive repairs down the road.  In Cave Creek, there are many air conditioning contractors, but we stand out among them due to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do not want to brag and say we are the best, but we are undoubtedly at the top with the best!  On every heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) job, we strive to please our clients and provide them with quality services and products that will last!  We will talk a little more about air conditioner maintenance now and how we can help you in this area to prevent an emergency on-site visit.

By using our maintenance service, we can detect any leaks, or corrosion, and examine wear and tear problems that need early repairs. This not only extends the life of the ac unit, but in the long run it will save you money on unnecessary emergency repair calls.  We recommend getting a service checkup from us regularly, the most important time is right before you are going to utilize your ac unit for an extended period i.e. just before the hot summer months start.  You might be thinking that you can save money by doing an ac unit check yourself, certainly, that is possible for those with knowledge; but if you don't really know what you are doing, perhaps it's more cost saving to pay for the professional checkup.

AC Check-Up List

Residential AC System in Cave CreekBefore doing any home HVAC maintenance, safety should be your number one priority. To prevent any potential for electrocution, unplug the unit first.  Remember that you can save money by doing a little simple maintenance of your own at the beginning and the end of the air-conditioning season such as:

* Clean the unit often to prevent any debris from building up around your unit. This can be done quickly and easily with a shop vacuum or low-pressure garden hose.
* Clean the fins (pressure washer can be used).
* Straighten the fins (bent or twisted fins will lower ventilation and efficiency).
* Be sure to level your ac unit and monitor it for any issues. If your air conditioning unit is not level it can be contributing to premature wear.

More detailed maintenance is also needed at least once annually. These actions can either be done by the homeowner or a trained technician. If you are not sure about what you are doing, you can contact a pro to help you out with these steps.

1. The evaporator coil will need to be cleaned. This part is within the ac unit and you will need to remove components in order to get to it.
2. In order to avoid an emergency air conditioner repair, make sure that you are not having any HVAC drainage issues. Cleaning out the ac condensate line inhibits mold and algae and takes just a few minutes to do.
3. The air filter needs to be changed quarterly at the minimum. Filters can cost from $4 to in excess of $80 on the high end. Most homeowners who change their filters monthly, can get utilizing the less costly filters, however if you have somebody in your family with severe hypersensitivity, then you might wish to use a better filter.

Arizona summertime can be long and intensely warm. Is your ac up to the test? If you are not sure and wish to avoid expensive repairs in the middle of summer, then have an expert care for your unit today.  If you ever need AC advice, we are just a phone call away!  Our new air conditioner installation service includes a full maintenance plan so that your A/C will operate trouble free.  The hot weather is coming! Is your HVAC unit ready? Routine maintenance is really important and can save you a lot of money in the long term. Call us today get your maintenance performed at an affordable price!  When you need AC repair in Cave Creek we offer emergency services and keep a large supply of parts for most units. When you need an Arizona A/C repair contractor just contact us. In most cases we can provide same day service and offer great prices on all parts and labor.

To do maintenance yourself you are going to need a whole assortment of tools, why bother with the hassle when our rates are so cheap and our service is just so easy to get.  Some people that undertake annual home A/C maintenance may diagnose a problem successfully but then when they go to buy parts they pay full retail price. We offer good prices on all parts and labor. When it comes to AC maintenance and repair, you simply will not find a more trustworthy and honest service. Most of our Cave Creek customers use us year after year.  When it comes to Cave Creek AC repair reviews throughout the Valley we are ranked as one of the best. Contact us today to receive our top-rated service at an affordable price.  Our annual maintenance service is the best way in order to avoid emergency AC repairs. Over time, some things just wear out but a lot of problems can be prevented by a proper maintenance routine.  Taking note of your air conditioner when it is running and realizing when your AC needs a repair is a great way to prevent it completely quitting. Call us for a quick diagnoses and estimate.

Do you need AC repair or maintenance services right now?  We offer fast and affordable solutions to your problems We are just a phone call away when you need fast air conditioning repair in Cave Creek.  Pay attention to your AC unit. The following list will give you some things to pay attention to and can help you determine if you only need basic maintenance or a repair.

* If your unit is running continuously (Air is not cool or not producing a normal flow of cool air)
* Only blows warm or hot air
* Lesser than normal air flow (This could be a very simple fix but might turn into an expensive repair if not corrected)
* Water dripping/leaking out of the unit - If the unit is leaking water you are ready for our maintenance service. Usually something simple, but it does need to be checked out asap.
* Turning on and off without cooling the house - Needs to be examined. Call us right away.
* Unexplained noise - Needs to be diagnosed by a tech.
* Noticeable odor - (If the unit is giving off a nasty smell there may be a blockage somewhere which needs taking care of asap.)
* Frozen coils - (This can be down to restricted air flow, leaving this problem without fixing will result in an emergency AC repair service.)
* Won't start - (Needs diagnosed by a technician. It could be as simple as a lack of electricity or a seized motor to name a couple of potential problems)

Jeremy on AC Repair Call in Cave CreekTaking the time to do regular maintenance on your unit will pay off.  Maintenance checks are important when you are concerned with saving money, without regular maintenance you can incur higher energy bills and possibly need to call for emergency failures.  Because we understand that taking care of your ac unit is really important, our knowledgeable staff will be able to diagnose any problem that you may encounter in AZ.  By scheduling your ac service checkup today, our techs are able to fix any issues early on in order to avoid a complete ac breakdown during those hot summer months. A summer breakdown is really something that you should try in order to avoid.  We are one of the most honest and trustworthy companies in the Valley!  Do you have more questions about the issues you are experiencing with your ac? Read more below.

Full-Service Emergency Air Conditioning  Repair

Under what conditions would a person want to call for an emergency ac repair in Cave Creek?  Here is a helpful list of times that our emergency services might be needed.  If you ac unit is experiencing any of the following issues, please call for help now. Letting these HVAC problems continue will cause further damage, not only to your ac unit, but your home as well:

1. You might notice a bad smell from your AC system, this is a warning sign that ought not to be ignored.
2. Call right away if your air flow is not strong.
3. Strange noises that you have not heard before should be investigated.
4. Call immediately if your coils are frozen.
5. Water leaks cannot be ignored. Call if this is happening.
6. If there is a connection problem and your ac will not turn on at all, you should call for professional help.

Once you suspect your ac is having trouble, you can count on our experienced techs to quickly diagnose the problem and let you know what the options are to fix the issue.  While we would love your business, we will never pressure you into getting any services. As a homeowner, you are ultimately responsible for what you decide. We will always give you our lowest price quote and honest opinions.  Should you choose us for your air conditioning repair Cave Creek services?  Each one of our service techs are fully certified in the AC repair, most have more than five years of experience.

Trusted By Cave Creek Residents

Customer in Cave Creek Relaxing in ACIn AZ, we have been well known for years for our superior customer service, great products, and good prices.  You can always count on us to be there anytime, day or night, for Cave Creek air conditioner repair.  When you choose Phoenix AC and Heating, you are in very good hands. We take our work seriously and will not leave until our job is finished.  Here is what our customers in Cave Creek have to say about our air conditioning repair service:

"Once a year, I have these guys come to my home and my business for a standard maintenance call. I appreciate how polite and helpful they are." (Walter G., Cave Creek, AZ)

"If you are looking for a first-class company, this is it! After our old AC went out, we decided it was time for a new one. We couldn't be more satisfied with our new ductless a/c system!" (William & Dana, AZ)

"It was nice to be able to find as air conditioning contractor Cave Creek that was able to come out after hours for an emergency water leak I detected in the middle of the night. Thanks Phoenix AC and Heating!" (Veronica, AZ)

In order in order to avoid unnecessary HVAC emergency calls, we encourage all homeowners to call us for our general maintenance service.  A customer service rep is ready to assist you now, call: 602-313-1777

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