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If you're searching for emergency A/C repair service Goodyear we are really a telephone call away.  One of our professionals will be helping as soon as possible and also have you all set again in no time at all.  We are among the most known HVAC providers within the Goodyear local area, and we definitely try to present the most reasonable and transparent price quotes so there are no unpredictable shocks whenever the job is done.

Our well-known and relied on company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. And, to serve the residents of Goodyear, AZ in the best way possible, we ensure that all of our technicians are properly trained in the latest HVAC repair methods.  Call us today for all of your heating and cooling system needs. Our company is devoted to providing the best air conditioner service in the Valley; our many returning customers can verify that!  This is a more in more detail look at the emergency air conditioning, as well as, routine maintenance services that we offer.

24 Hour AC Repair in Goodyear

Weekends, holidays, midnight, we are available 24 hours a day for all of your HVAC emergency needs.  Our ac repair services are provided in Goodyear and adjoining areas. Regardless of where you live in the Valley, in just a couple of hours, your air conditioning system will be running like new.  We understand that often times in Arizona, the hot weather can be extreme and for many people poses a health threat. That is why we are equipped and ready to go for any Goodyear air conditioning repair emergency calls which come in.  Summer, and perhaps the fall months in the Phoenix area can be extremely hot and miserable, and whenever your cooling unit is not working correctly it is an emergency.

Goodyear AZ Family Miserable Without Air ConditioningEven though there is an extra cost for emergency cooling system repairs, most people tend not to mind paying a bit more to stay relaxed in their homes. If your cooling system goes out on the weekend or holiday in the summertime, it's certainly less expensive than having to go to a motel until the next working day.  Our estimates are the very best you will come across anywhere in AZ, you can even go ahead and check that yourself now, or perhaps go ahead and book with us and save your time.  Of course we do not just cover emergency ac repair, we also do typical maintenance calls and normal hours repair services.  Taking care of your heating and cooling system on a regular basis is recommended by the experts. Maintenance checks completed by professionals will help identify any problems that might be going on with your unit before they develop into significant expenses.  You will not find an air conditioning contractor in Goodyear that works as hard as we do to provide exceptional services to the thousands of households and businesses in the area.  We truly care about our customers and want to provide the best heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services.  Learn more below about the reason why it is essential to make sure to stay on top of your air conditioner maintenance schedule.

Schedule Your AC Unit Maintenance Check-Up

Before the summer months arrive, it is essential to schedule a maintenance service checkup to make sure that your unit is in the best working order for the upcoming season.  We advise getting a service checkup from us on a regular basis, the most important time is right before you are going to make use of ac unit for an extended period i.e. just before the hot summer months start.  As a homeowner, there are certain things like removing debris, and cleaning the ac evaporator coils, however it is a good idea to have an expert service it once a year.  When doing simple home maintenance on your HVAC unit, be sure to turn off the power to the unit to ensure your own safety.  There are some DIY HVAC service that you can and should do often:

* Clearing the debris from the unit. Remove leaves, sticks, or other debris with gloves and a hose when necessary.
* Airborne dirt and dust will collect on the ac fins, these can easily be cleaned by hand or with a hose.
* Using a coil fin tool, you can straighten any bent fins on the unit. Damaged fins will restrict the air flow keep it from optimal performance.
* Be sure to level your ac unit and watch it for any issues. If your air conditioning unit is not level it can be leading to premature wear.

AC Maintenance by Goodyear HomeownerIn addition, the following should be taken to ensure your ac is functioning properly:

1. The evaporator coil will need to be cleaned. This part is within the ac unit and you will need to remove parts in order to get to it.
2. In order to prevent an emergency air conditioner repair, make sure that you are not having any HVAC drainage issues. Cleaning out the ac condensate line prevents mold and algae and takes just a few minutes to do.
3. Possibly the easiest part of ac maintenance is simply changing the blower filter. Many people like to do this on a monthly basis as it is easy and cheap to do.

Obviously there is much more to our complete maintenance service, we will ensure your ac is fully functional and ready to work at maximum efficiency for the season ahead.  When you need assistance, just give us a call, we are very happy to help in any way we can.

Full Service Maintenance, AC Installation, and Repair

Our new air conditioner installation service includes a full maintenance plan so that your A/C will operate trouble free.  Maintaining your HVAC units is important and can save you a lot of money long term. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance before the hot weather arrives.  When you need AC repair in Goodyear we offer emergency services and keep a large supply of parts for most units.  We make it easy and affordable! Just call us and we will be out to help with your Arizona air conditioning needs.

To do maintenance yourself you are going to need a whole array of tools, why bother with the hassle when our rates are so cheap and our service is just so easy to get.  Some people that undertake annual home A/C maintenance may diagnose a problem successfully but then when they go to buy parts they pay full retail price. We offer reasonable prices on all parts and labor. When it comes to AC maintenance and repair, you simply will not find a more dependable and honest service. Most of our Goodyear customers use us year after year.  When it comes to Goodyear AC repair reviews throughout the Valley we are ranked as one of the best. Call us today to receive our top-rated service at an affordable price. Our annual maintenance service is the best way to prevent emergency AC repairs. Over time, some things just wear out but a lot of problems can be prevented by a proper maintenance routine.  Paying attention to your air conditioner when it is running and realizing when your AC needs a repair is a great way to prevent it completely quitting. Call us for a quick diagnoses and estimate.  Is your AC unit needing maintenance or a repair right now?  We take the heat off of keeping you cool! We pride the best air conditioning repair in Goodyear whenever you need it.

Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Top Shape

The list below will help you determine if your AC unit needs a repair or basic maintenance. Paying attention to these tips can avert a complete failure in the near future.

* If your unit has started to under-perform (Air is not cool or not producing a normal flow of cool air)
* If the AC unit only blow warm/hot air
* Reduction in the flow of air out of the vents (This could be a very simple fix but might turn into an expensive repair if not corrected)
* Water dripping/leaking out of the unit - If the unit is leaking water you are ready for our maintenance service. This could be a simple maintenance issue. Call us before it turns into an emergency repair.
* Turning on and off without cooling the house - (Call Us right away and we can get a technician to you before the problem escalates.)
* Strange noise - Needs to be diagnosed by a tech.
* Strange smell - Will require a technician to diagnose the problem.
* Coils are frozen solid - (One of many things can cause this. Bad thermostat, clogged condensation line or reduced air flow)
* Won't start - (No electricity supplied to the HVAC unit, a bad motor or safety mechanism preventing start up. Call us for a quick and affordable solution.

Residential AC Repair GoodyearIf you want to save money on ac repairs and emergency calls, then regular ac maintenance must not be neglected.  Not keeping up with the maintenance on your ac will not only increase your electricity bill, it will also lead to costly emergency calls.  Because we understand that taking care of your ac unit is important, our knowledgeable staff will be able to diagnose any problem that you may encounter in AZ.  By scheduling your ac service checkup today, our techs are able to fix any issues early on to prevent a complete ac breakdown during those hot summer months. A summer breakdown is really something that you should try to prevent.  We are one of the most honest and dependable companies in the Valley!  Do you have more questions about the issues you are experiencing with your ac? Read more below.

When it is Time to Call an HVAC Expert

One of the questions we receive most often is: When should I call for emergency ac repair in Goodyear?  Here is a helpful list of times that our emergency services might be needed.  Call now for immediate HVAC assistance for the following problems:

1. One of the first signs that something is wrong with your AC system is a bad smell.
2. Call right away if your air flow is not strong.
3. This seems obvious, but any weird loud noises are certainly an indication that there are problems that need to be checked out.
4. Frozen coils cannot be overlooked.
5. Water leaks cannot be ignored. Call if this is happening.
6. Finally, if your system has no power, call an expert to determine the problem.

When using your AC, it is important to monitor it closely, If you find any issues that are not normal, then you can always get help from us.  We do not believe in high pressure "sales". We simply offer you the best options and it is up to you to make the final decision on how you wish to proceed.  A few of the reasons our clients choose our air conditioning repair Goodyear services: Not only is our service affordable and provides through service, each one of our service techs are fully certified in  AC repair, and most have more than 5 years of experience in the industry.

What People in Goodyear are Saying About Phoenix AC and Heating

As a well respected and long standing company in AZ, we provide a great experience for our customers every single day.  You can always count on us to be there anytime, day or night, for Goodyear air conditioner repair.  Customer satisfaction is our goal, we won't stop in the middle of a job and come back the following day to finish. We complete all of our work and won't leave until your ac is running normally.  Here is what our customers in Goodyear have to say about our air conditioning repair service:

Goodyear Residential Air Conditioning Service"I have been using Phoenix AC and Heating for many years now! Every time they come out for my annual AC maintenance appointment, they are always glad to answer any of the questions I have." (Jacelyn, Goodyear, AZ)

"If you are looking for a first-class company, this is it! After our old AC went out, we decided it was time for a new one. We couldn't be more pleased with our new ductless a/c system!" (William & Dana, AZ)

"I was desperate to find an air conditioning contractor Goodyear due to my ac just completely stopping last Memorial Day weekend. I could not find a company that was able to send anyone out on the holiday, but thankfully I called Phoenix AC and Heating, they were at my house in half an hour. Luckily they had all of the parts needed and were able to fix the problem that same day. "(Frank, Goodyear,Arizona)

Don't delay in getting your ac maintenance checkup, as it could save you a lot of cash by finding small issues before they become major issues.  Contact us today: 602-313-1777

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