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Is your A/C system having troubles, or simply stopped functioning entirely? If so, give us a call now. Our company offers AC services everywhere in the region, which includes Laveen.  Our professionals will be helping as quickly as possible and have you up and running again in no time whatsoever.  Our organization prides itself on having the ability to supply our customers the most sincere rates and best rates so that you know exactly what to expect when the task is completed.

Here at Phoenix AC and Heating, we employ many of the best heating and cooling experts in the state. All of our HVAC techs are certified to meet the highest standards in the business.  We are recommended by thousands of our devoted customers who continue to use our services year in year out,  So let's uncover a little bit more about our services what we do and just what we can do for you.

24 Hour AC Repair

24 Hour AC Repair Laveen AZIt never fails, your ac decides to stop working at the hottest time of the year! No worries, we are here for you when that happens! We offer Laveen ac repair and everywhere in between. We cover the whole area and can be with you and have you back up and running again super-fast.  Air conditioning repair Laveen is very important, there are many times in the year when it is baking hot, sometimes too hot to handle.  Summer, and even the fall months in the Phoenix area can be excruciatingly hot and unpleasant, and whenever your cooling unit is not working correctly it is an emergency.  

Of course, the costs of an emergency cooling system repair call can cost more than a normal service call, but the cost is reasonable for the service provided.  Our competitive rates, great customer service, and superior products have given us a pristine reputation in AZ! We encourage you research our company, then call us to make your appointment today!

If you do not need emergency ac repair services, we also offer basic repairs, installation, and maintenance services on most all makes and models of ac units during our normal business hours.  We highly recommend that you arrange maintenance checkups at least once a year to prevent more high-priced repairs down the road.  In Laveen, there are many air conditioning contractors, but we stand out among them due to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do not want to brag and say we are the very best, but we are undoubtedly at the top with the best!  On each and every heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) job, we strive to please our clients and provide them with quality products and services that will last!  We will talk a little more about air conditioner maintenance now and how we are able to help you in this area to prevent an emergency on-site visit.

Before the summer months arrive, it is recommended to schedule a maintenance service checkup to ensure your unit is in the best working order for the upcoming season.  The best season to schedule a yearly service check for your ac unit is in the months of February through April. By the month of May, temperatures are already at or approaching 100 degrees on most days, so you want to make sure your ac is working efficiently when you need it.  As a prroperty owner, there are specific things like clearing away debris, and cleaning the ac evaporator coils, but it is a good idea to have an expert service it once a year. 

Recommended Regular AC Maintenance

Homeowner Needing AC Repair ServiceIf you do decide to do a few little home maintenance projects on your HVAC always make sure the unit is turned off and no electrical power is in running through it.  There are some DIY HVAC service that you can and need to do routinely:

* Remove dirt, grass, brush, and any other debris. This is a weekly task that takes minutes and can save you money as it increases the efficiency of your air conditioner.
* Dust will accumulate on the ac fins, these can simply be cleaned by hand or using a hose.
* Using a coil fin tool, you can straighten any bent fins on the unit. Damaged fins will restrict the air flow keep it from optimal performance.
* Probably the most important thing to check is making sure the unit is level. Air conditioning units that are not level will cause substantial damage and instant failure.

In addition to the basic maintenance that anybody can do on their ac unit, here are some further and more advanced steps. We recommend to have an expert do these unless you have prior experience.

1. Clean the evaporator coil (this is inside the unit and parts will need to be removed to get at it).
2. Clean your air conditioner drain, condensate line, and pan to prevent avoidable emergency calls.
3. Probably the more simple part of ac maintenance is simply changing the blower filter. Most people like to do this monthly as it is cheap and easy to do.

For a complete and detailed ac system check, calling an HVAC specialist is suggested.  Whenever you need assistance, just give us a call, we are pleased to help in any way we can.

Repairs, Maintenance and Installation of Air Conditioners

Our new air conditioner installation service includes a full maintenance plan so that your A/C will operate trouble free.  Maintaining your HVAC units is extremely important and can save you a lot of money long term. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance before the hot weather arrives.  When you need AC repair in Laveen we offer emergency services and keep a large supply of parts for most units.  When you need an Arizona A/C repair contractor just call us. In most cases we can provide same day service and offer great prices on all parts and labor.

To do maintenance yourself you are going to need a whole assortment of tools, why bother with the hassle when our rates are so cheap and our service is just so easy to get.  If you do manage to find a fault yourself you are going to have to buy replacement parts, knowing where to get them at the most affordable prices is another problem. When it comes to AC maintenance and repair, you simply will not find a more trustworthy and honest service. Most of our Laveen customers use us year after year.  When it comes to Laveen AC repair reviews throughout the Valley we are ranked as one of the best. Contact us today to receive our top-rated service at an affordable price.  Our annual maintenance service is the best way to protect yourself from emergency AC repairs. Over time, some things just wear out but a lot of problems can be prevented by a proper maintenance routine.

Taking note of your air conditioner when it is running and realizing when your AC needs a repair is a great way to prevent it completely quitting. Call us for a quick diagnoses and estimate.  Does your AC unit need our maintenance service or emergency repair right now?  We believe in offering the best service at an affordable price. Air conditioning repair Laveen could not be any easier.

We Are a Full Service HVAC Company

Air Conditioner Repair LaveenWe have put together a list for you below to help you establish if your AC unit is ready for maintenance or in need of repair now to avoid an emergency call out later on when the heat is at its maximum.

* Does your unit seem like it is not performing efficiently? (Not blowing out as much cold air - get our service men out there now before it is too late and the unit stops or causes more problems)
* If the AC unit only blow warm/hot air
* The unit seems like it's not running full speed (this could be fixed with a simple cleaning job or straightening of the fins)
* Water dripping/leaking out of the unit - If the unit is leaking water you are ready for our maintenance service. Don't ignore this, it will cost you more money in the long run.
* Cycling on and off for no reason - (If the unit is running in short cycles and cutting out on a regular basis you are going to need us in there sooner rather than later.)
* Strange noise - While it might be something simple, it should probably be diagnosed by a technician to determine the cause.
* Smells - Will require a technician to diagnose the problem.
* Coils are frozen solid - (This can be down to restricted air flow, leaving this problem without fixing will result in an emergency AC repair service.)
* Will not power up - (Needs diagnosed by a technician. It could be as simple as a lack of electricity or a seized motor to name a couple of potential problems)

Taking the time to do regular maintenance on your unit will pay off.  Not keeping up with the maintenance on your ac will not only increase your electricity bill, it will also lead to costly emergency calls.  Because we understand that taking care of your ac unit is essential, our knowledgeable staff will be able to diagnose any problem that you may encounter in AZ.  Call us now if your ac is showing signs of trouble, by fixing the issues early on, you can avoid a complete outage when it's over 100 degrees. A summer breakdown is really something that you should try to prevent.  Why look anywhere else whenever we are fair on our prices, our techs are highly skilled, and we are a company that you can trust in.  Need more info? Keep reading to learn more.

When it is necessary for an emergency HVAC repair call in Laveen?  Here is a helpful list of times that our emergency services might be needed.  Call now for immediate HVAC assistance for the following problems:

1. You might notice a bad smell from your AC system, this is a warning sign that must not be ignored.
2. It's time to call an expert, whenever you notice a weak air flow. This is not normal and is an early sign of failure.
3. Sudden loud noises coming from your unit, could indicate trouble.
4. If the coil has frozen.
5. Water leaks cannot be ignored. Call if this is happening.
6. If there is a connection problem and your ac will not turn on at all, you should call for professional help.

Once you suspect your ac is having trouble, you can count on our experienced techs to quickly diagnose the problem and let you know what the options are to fix the issue.  While we would love your business, we will never pressure you into getting any services. As a homeowner, you are ultimately responsible for what you decide. We will always give you our lowest price quote and honest opinions.  Should you choose us for your air conditioning repair Laveen services?  We hire only the best AC repair service techs, each member of our team is certified with several years of experience with all brands and types of systems, including ductless A/C repair and installation, as well as, heat pump repair and installation.

Why Laveen Homeowners Choose Us for Air Conditioning Services

In AZ, we have been well known for years for our superior customer service, great products, and competitive prices.  We can be contacted at any time day or night for Laveen air conditioner repair and will not let you down.  When you choose Phoenix AC and Heating, you are in wonderful hands. We take our work seriously and will not leave until our job is finished.  If you need any more reason why to choose us for your air conditioning repair Laveen take a look at some of our latest customer reviews below:

Customers are Pleased with AC Repair Service Laveen AZ"I have used these guys for my air conditioning maintenance for a few years now and would not go with anyone else. Every time they arrive, the technicians are always polite and very informative." (DeeAnn, Laveen, AZ)

"If you are looking for a first-class company, this is it! After our old AC went out, we decided it was time for a new one. We couldn't be more satisfied with our new ductless a/c system!" (Maxwell & Grace, AZ)

"It was nice to be able to find as air conditioning contractor Laveen that was able to come out after hours for an emergency water leak I noticed in the middle of the night. Thanks Phoenix AC and Heating!" (Yolanda, AZ)

In order to avoid unnecessary emergency calls, we encourage all homeowners to call us for our general maintenance service.  For fast and friendly service now, call us: 602-313-1777

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