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Do you need an immediate ac repair? Or possibly, are you wanting a brand new ac unit as your aged A/C completely quit? It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, or where you live in Litchfield Park, contact us today to plan an expert air conditioning appointment.  We realize once your AC stops working in Arizona, it is an pressing circumstance, and most times you simply can't wait until the following business day for repairs. Our company has certified technicians available night and day for instances similar to this. They are really proficient in handling many makes and models, and will figure out and repair your air conditioner swiftly.  Our company is among the most counted on HVAC companies in the Litchfield Park community, so we always try to offer the most sincere and transparent estimates so there are not any shocking surprises once the task is completed.

Here at Phoenix AC and Heating, we employ many of the best heating and cooling experts in the state. All of our A/C technicians are certified to meet the highest standards in the industry.  Call us today for all of your heating and cooling system needs. Our company is focused on providing the best air conditioner service in the Valley; our many returning customers can attest to that!  Want to learn more? Read more about our services below.

24/7 Air Conditioning Repair & Servicing

Air Conditioning is Necessary During AZ SummersIt doesn't matter what time of day, call us for your emergency A/C repair needs.  Not only do we offer Litchfield Park ac repair services, but we also cover all of the outlying areas. Our professionals will travel to all areas of the Valley, and have your ac system running smoothly again within hours.  We understand that in the middle of the summer, the temperatures get treacherously high, so having a reputable company to call for Litchfield Park air conditioning repair is very important.

During summer months in Arizona, when your cooling unit breaks down, we will automatically identify it as an emergency. We really do not want anyone to be in harm's way as a result of not having a comfortable home to stay in.  Even though you may have to pay a little extra for an emergency call, it is definitely worth it!  Our name speaks for itself! Very few other businesses in AZ can match our wide range of very affordable products and services, and none can match our history of outstanding customer support.

Air Conditioner Installation, Repair & Maintenance Litchfield Park

If you do not need emergency ac repair services, we also provide general repairs, installation, and maintenance services on most all makes and models of ac units during our normal business hours.  Taking care of your heating and cooling system on a regular basis is recommended by the experts. Maintenance checks completed by professionals will help find any problems that may be going on with your unit before they turn into huge expenses.  You will not find an air conditioning contractor in Litchfield Park that works as hard as we do to provide first-rate services to the thousands of homes and businesses in the area.  Whenever you hire us for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) repairs, installation, or maintenance, rest assured that the job will be done right the first time!  We will talk a little more about air conditioner maintenance now and how we are able to help you in this area to avoid an emergency on-site visit.

Before the summer months arrive, it is vital to schedule a maintenance service checkup to ensure that your unit is in the best working order for the upcoming season.  In the Phoenix area, homeowners will need to add an ac unit checkup to their Spring cleaning list. Making an appointment early on will ensure that your ac is ready to perform for the whole season.  As a property owner, there are certain things like clearing away debris, and cleaning the ac evaporator coils, yet it is a great idea to have an expert service it once a year.

Clean and Service Your AC Unit

Professional AC Techs in Litchfield ParkJust remember to be safe if you are working on your HVAC unit by yourself. The most important thing to remember is to make sure it is disconnected so that absolutely no source of electricity is running through it.  There are some do-it-yourself HVAC service that you can and should do routinely:

* Remove dirt, grass, brush, and any other debris. This is a weekly chore that takes just minutes and can save you money as it increases the efficiency of your air conditioner.
* Dust particles will collect on the ac fins, these can simply be cleaned by hand or using a hose.
* Inspect and straighten the ac fins. For under $10, you can get a tool from a home improvement center in Litchfield Park called an air conditioner fin tool that will make this job simple.
* Confirm that your unit is level. A/C units that are not level an end up costing you major bucks!

Beyond just the basic maintenance that anybody can do on their ac unit, here are some further and more complicated steps. We recommend to have an expert do these unless you have previous experience.

1. When the evaporator coil gets soiled, it will need to be cleaned. If it is not cleaned, it can lead to lots of different complications as your unit works much harder to keep working.
2. In order in order to avoid an emergency air conditioner repair, make sure that you are not having any HVAC drainage issues. Cleaning out the ac condensate line reduces mildew and algae and takes just a few minutes to do.
3. The air filter needs to be changed quarterly at a minimum. Filters can cost from $6 to over $70 on the high end. Most homeowners who change their air filters on a monthly basis, can get utilizing the inexpensive filters, however if you have someone in your family with serious allergies, then you might want to use a more suitable filter.

Summertime in Arizona can be long and intensely warm. Is your ac up to the test? If you are not certain and want to prevent expensive repairs down the middle of summertime, then have an expert care for your unit today.  Never hesitate to call on the help of an expert! We will definitely be able to assist you with any HVAC question.

We also have an installation service, which of course comes with a full maintenance plan to keep it up and running all year round.  The hot weather is coming! Is your HVAC unit ready? Routine maintenance is crucial and can save you a lot of money in the long term. Call us today get your maintenance performed at an affordable price!  Just remember, repairs require parts, all of this takes time to order when you are doing it yourself. If you use our AC repair Litchfield Park service we will supply everything and take all the headache out of the whole process for you.  You simply order our service, sit back and let us do our stuff, knowing you are getting the best prices for parts and labor in AZ.

Simple AC Maintenance Prevents Emergency AC Repair CallsAC maintenance is typically not a do-it-yourself project. The newer units require special equipment and the knowledge to perform specific maintenance tasks. Our rates are very affordable and could end up saving you a lot of money.  If you do manage to find a fault yourself you are going to have to buy replacement parts, knowing where to get them at the most affordable prices is another problem. We take all of the trouble out of AC maintenance and repair.  We have the best Litchfield Park AC repair reviews all over the area, just look us up, go ahead and try us, you will not be disappointed.  Just like anything mechanical, maintenance is the secret to averting a more expensive AC repair due to neglect. Being able to spot the signs that your air conditioner needs repair is a good attribute to have, this can be a real money saver, we will look over a few of these aspects right now.

Need an emergency air conditioning repair or want to schedule your maintenance?  We are going to look after you every step of the way. Quick and trustworthy air conditioning repair in Litchfield Park is at your fingertips! Email or call us now.  We have put together a list for you below to help you establish if your AC unit is ready for maintenance or in need of repair now to protect yourself from an emergency call out later on when the heat is at its maximum.

* If your unit has started to under-perform (Struggling to cool your home)
* Only blows warm or hot air
* The unit seems like it's not running full speed (This could be a very simple fix but might turn into an expensive repair if not corrected)
* Puddle of water at the unit - Unexplained water around the unit is not normal. In most cases the unit just needs a little maintenance. If neglected it could turn into a costly repair.
* Cutting out - Needs to be examined. Call us right away.
* Unexplained noise - While it might be something simple, it should probably be diagnosed by a technician to determine the cause.
* Bad odor - Generally a blockage and should be seen by a tech.
* Frost on coils - (One of many things can cause this. Bad thermostat, clogged condensation line or reduced air flow)
* Will not power up - (Needs diagnosed by a technician. It could be as simple as a lack of electricity or a seized motor to name a couple of potential problems)

If you want to save money on ac repairs and emergency calls, then regular ac maintenance ought not to be neglected.  Not only will it eventually require you to get an emergency call out service for the repair, your energy bills will increase slowly too.  Our certified AZ techs are not only skilled, but they really do care about your ac systems as much as you do!  If you are concerned that your ac might be showing signs of repairs needed, then call now for a detailed checkup, it is better to do it now before it breaks down in the sweltering summer heat. Most people really do want in order to avoid an ac failure during the hottest time of the year.  When you need a dependable and affordable company that offers quick service appointments with qualified techs, try us today! Do you have more questions about the issues you are experiencing with your ac? Read more below.

When to Call for an AC Repair ASAP

Knowing when to ask for help is important, but do you know when to call out our emergency air conditioner repair Litchfield Park?   In order to avoid any further costly repairs, if you find that you have any of the following things going on, then call right away for HVAC services:

1. Anytime there is a strange smell coming from your AC system, you need to find out what is causing it.
2. If you notice that your ac is not blowing air like it should, something is not right.
3. Sudden loud noises coming from your unit, could indicate trouble.
4. Frozen coils cannot be overlooked.
5. If you have a large water leak.
6. Lastly, if your system has no power, call an expert to determine the problem.

Our qualified techs are readily available to assist you with any of the problems listed above.  It is against our policy to pressure any client into getting any type of service done. Our techs are trained to just deliver the news (good or bad), and ask the homeowner if they wish to continue with the needed services. You are under no obligation to accept any offers.  You might be wondering why you should choose Phoenix AC and Heating for your air conditioning repair Litchfield Park services.  Each one of our service techs are fully certified in the AC repair, most have more than four years of experience.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal in Litchfield Park

In AZ, we have been well known for years for our superior customer service, great products, and good prices.  We promise that we won't let you down! Anytime you need Litchfield Park air conditioner repair, don't hesitate to call us for any reason.  Customer satisfaction is our goal, we won't stop in the middle of a job and come back the next morning to finish. We complete all of our work and won't leave until your ac is running normally.  If you need any more reason why to choose us for your air conditioning repair Litchfield Park take a look at some of our latest customer reviews below:

Family Relaxing Comfortably in Air Conditioned Home"After using this company for over 10 years, I would never think about calling anyone else. They do not take short cuts and know exactly what they are doing." (F.L., Litchfield Park, AZ)

"If you are looking for a first-class company, this is it! After our old AC went out, we decided it was time for a new one. We couldn't be more satisfied with our new ductless a/c system!" (Patty & Alex, AZ)

"I was desperate to find an air conditioning contractor Litchfield Park due to my ac just completely stopping last Easter weekend. I could not find a company that was able to send anyone out on the holiday, but fortunately I called Phoenix AC and Heating, they were at my place in less than an hour and they were able to repair the problem that same day." (Jr.Pennington, Litchfield Park, Arizona)

Try in order to avoid needing our emergency AC repair service by using our all in one maintenance service.  Call us today: 602-313-1777

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