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Has your air conditioner decided it has had enough? At Phoenix AC and Heating, our own certified technicians will offer you 24/7 emergency support in Mesa so that you do not have to be uncomfortable in the extreme Arizona temperature. Contact us anytime, night or day to get your A/C functioning very quickly. One of our specialists will be assisting as quickly as possible and have you all set again in no time whatsoever. Our business prides itself on having the capacity to offer our customers the most reasonable rates and best rates so you are aware what to expect once the work is complete.

Not only are we an accredited, bonded, and insured company; in order to serve the residents of Mesa to the best of our ability, we ensure that all of our experts are properly trained in the most up-to-date HVAC repair methods. We are highly recommended by thousands of our committed customers who continue to use our services every single year. Continue reading for lots more details on precisely what services we provide.

Emergency AC Repair in AZ

Sam Works on Home AC System in Mesa ArizonaIt's mid-July, it's incredibly hot, and it's a Sunday! Your A/C out of the blue stops working and you need help instantly to keep your loved ones comfortable. Help is on the way when you call us today! Our ac repair services are available in Mesa and neighboring areas. Our professionals will journey to all areas of the Valley, and have your ac system running smoothly again in just hours. We understand that often times in Arizona, the hot weather can be extreme and for many people poses a health hazard. For this reason we are geared up and ready to go for any Mesa air conditioning repair emergency calls which come in. Summer, and also the autumn months in the Phoenix area can be excruciatingly hot and unpleasant, and whenever your cooling unit is not working correctly it is an emergency.

24 hour emergency calls do cost more, but most individuals in Mesa would agree that it is worth it to have a working cooling system in the severe Arizona temperatures. Our reasonable rates, great customer service, and superior products have given us a spotless reputation in AZ! We encourage you research our company, then call us to make your appointment today!

General AC Maintenance, Installation, and Repairs

If you do not need emergency ac repair services, we also provide general repairs, installation, and maintenance services on most all brands of ac units during our normal business hours. We highly recommend that you set up maintenance checkups at least once a year to prevent more costly repairs down the road. We are very proud of our service and have become one of the highly respected air conditioning contractor Mesa to date.  When you hire us for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) repairs, installation, or maintenance, rest assured that the job will be done right the first time! Read more below about the reason why it is important to make certain to be on top of your air conditioner maintenance schedule.

Before the summer months arrive, it is important to schedule a maintenance service checkup to make sure that your unit is in the best working order for the upcoming season. Many homeowners in the area utilize their ac unit for no less than six or seven months out of the year. This is a lot of wear and tear on an ac unit, so the best season to have a maintenance check done is during the spring months before the temperature starts getting really hot. You do not have to employ an expert for easy month-to-month ac maintenance, but for a complete inspection, be sure to hire the experts.

When doing simple maintenance on your HVAC unit, be sure to turn off the power to the unit to ensure your own safety.

For some uncomplicated preventative steps that you can take, why not try these basic things that you can do every month or so:

* Remove dirt, grass, brush, and any other debris. This is a weekly chore that takes minutes and can save you money as it increases the efficiency of your air conditioner.
Cleaning the fins often will help to ensure maximum air flow.
Eventually, the ac fins will get bent for one reason or another, just keep an eye on them and straighten as needed.
Confirm that your unit is level. A/C units that are not level an end up costing you serious bucks!

HVAC Maintenance in Mesa AZMore in depth maintenance is also needed at least once per year. These procedures can either be done by the homeowner or a certified tech. If you are not sure about what you are doing, you can get in touch with a pro to help you out with these steps.

1. When the evaporator coil gets soiled, it will need to be cleaned. If it is not cleaned, it can result in lots of different trouble as your unit works harder to keep working.
2. When you are servicing your air conditioner, one of the most important things you cannot forget to do is cleaning the evaporator drain line. In the event the line is obstructed, then water cannot escape. This will wind up contributing to harm to not only your air conditioner, but also to your house.
3. Change the air filter (this should actually be changed around twice yearly - we can do this for you).

For a complete and thorough ac system check, contacting an HVAC specialist is suggested. Anytime you need assistance, just give us a call, we are glad to help in any way we can.

Need a new AC unit? Our new air conditioning installation service also includes a trouble free full maintenance plan. A properly maintained air conditioner will give you years of trouble free use. Call us to learn more about this! Maintaining your HVAC units is essential and can save you a lot of money long term. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance before the hot weather arrives. When you need you AC repaired in Mesa we can be there very quickly! Our emergency AC repair service is affordable and we stock parts for most name brand units. When you need an Arizona A/C repair contractor just call us. In most cases we can provide same day service and offer great prices on all parts and labor. Trying to do maintenance yourself will require many specialized tools and might lead to more expensive repairs if you make a mistake. We offer some of the best rates in the Valley and can be in & out very quickly!

Some people that undertake annual home A/C maintenance may diagnose a problem successfully but then when they go to buy parts they pay full retail price. We offer good prices on all parts and labor. When it comes to AC maintenance and repair, you simply will not find a more dependable and honest service. Most of our Mesa customers use us year after year.

When it comes to Mesa AC repair reviews throughout the Valley we are ranked as one of the best. Call us today to receive our top-rated service at an affordable price. Our annual maintenance service is the best way in order to avoid emergency AC repairs. Over time, some things just wear out but a lot of problems can be prevented by a proper maintenance routine. Taking note of your air conditioner when it is running and realizing when your AC needs a repair is a great way in order to avoid it completely quitting. Call us for a quick diagnoses and estimate.

Is your AC unit needing maintenance or a repair right now? We offer fast and affordable solutions to your problems Quick and trustworthy air conditioning repair in Mesa is at your fingertips! Email or call us now.

Do You Need an Emergency A/C Repair?

Pay attention to your AC unit. The following list will give you some things to pay attention to and can help you determine if you only need basic maintenance or a repair.

* If your unit is running continuously (Struggling to cool your home)
If the AC unit only blow warm/hot air
Lesser than normal air flow (This could be a very simple fix but might turn into an expensive repair if not corrected)
Puddle of water at the unit - If you notice water around or under the unit, call us asap. In most cases the unit just needs a little maintenance. If neglected it could turn into a costly repair.
Cycling on and off for no reason - (Call Us right away and we can get a technician to you before the problem escalates.)
Unexplained noise - Needs to be seen by a technician
Strange smell - If you notice a strange coming from your vents or around the unit it could be a blockage and it simple to fix.
Coils have frost on them - (One of many things can cause this. Bad thermostat, clogged condensation line or reduced air flow)
Will not power up - (No electricity supplied to the HVAC unit, a bad motor or safety mechanism preventing start up. Call us for a quick and affordable solution.

If you do not look after your unit and keep it well maintained it is going to cost you so much more money. Not only will it eventually require you to get an emergency call out service for the repair, your energy bills will increase slowly too. It is of utmost importance that you keep your AC unit maintained, we have a professional team to take care of all your problems all over the Arizona area.

Call us now if your ac is showing signs of trouble, by fixing the issues early on, you can avoid a complete outage when it's over 100 degrees. A summer breakdown is really something that you should try to prevent. When you need a reliable and affordable company that offers quick service appointments with qualified techs, try us today!  If you have any more questions or are worried about your unit read more of our frequently asked questions below.  Under what conditions would a person need to call for an emergency ac repair in Mesa. Are you aware of the issues that call for immediate help?

Mesa Cooling and Heating ServiceCall now for immediate HVAC assistance for the following problems:

1. One of the first signs that something is wrong with your AC system is a bad smell.
Call right away if your air flow is not strong.
Sudden loud noises coming from your unit, could indicate trouble.
If the coil has frozen.
Large water leaks can really cause a large amount of damage if they are not fixed right away.
Finally, if your system has no power, call an expert to determine the problem.

Our qualified technicians are readily available to assist you with any of the problems listed above. It is against our policy to pressure any client into getting any type of service done. Our techs are trained to just deliver the news (good or bad), and ask the homeowner if they wish to continue with the needed services. You are under no obligation to accept any offers. So why choose our air conditioning repair Mesa services? We hire only the best AC repair service techs, each member of our team is certified with several years of experience with all brands and types of systems, including ductless A/C repair and installation, as well as, heat pump repair and installation.

Providing Top-Quality HVAC Services to Mesa Residents

In AZ, we have been well known for years for our superior customer service, great products, and good prices. We can be contacted at any time day or night for Mesa air conditioner repair and will not let you down. Our customers are a high priority, we will make sure your ac is running like new before we leave the job. If you need any more reason why to choose us for your air conditioning repair Mesa take a look at some of our latest customer reviews below:

Friendly AC Tech Thanks Mesa Customers"I have used these guys for my air conditioning maintenance for quite some time now and would not go with anyone else. Every time they arrive, the technicians are always polite and very informative." (Dotty, Mesa, AZ)

"This team does the job right the first time and will not leave until you are pleased. I use them often, recently they installed an AC unit for us and we are very happy indeed. The work is top notch." (Kimberly, AZ)

"I needed an air conditioning contractor Mesa and called them up, it was an urgent situation for us and they came fast. Our heat pump had completely stopped worked, it was back up and running in less than an hour. We now use them to maintain our HVAC and it stays running all year round no problems at all." (Ken T.,  Mesa,Arizona)

Don't delay in getting your ac maintenance checkup, as it could save you a lot of cash by discovering small issues before they become serious issues.  Our operators in Mesa are available 24 hours a day, call today: 602-313-1777

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