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If you're searching for urgent A/C repair Peoria we are actually only a phone call away.  Everyone knows anytime your AC breaks down in Arizona, it is an critical problem, and many times you simply are not able to hold off until the next business day to get service. You'll find educated technicians available seven days a week for unforeseen events like this. They are skilled in working with many brands, and can identify and repair your air conditioner swiftly.  Our group takes pride in having the ability to provide our clients the most sincere prices and best rates so you know exactly what to anticipate whenever the task is done.

Here at Phoenix AC and Heating, we employ many of the best heating and cooling experts in the state. All of our HVAC techs are certified to meet the highest standards in the profession.  We are highly recommended by thousands of our committed customers who continue to use our services every year,  Here is a more in greater detail look at the emergency air conditioning, as well as, normal maintenance services that we offer.

24/7 AC Repair in Peoria AZ

Peoria Home AC Repair QuoteIt doesn't matter what time of day, contact us for your emergency A/C repair needs.  We offer Peoria ac repair and almost everywhere in between. Our services cover the entire region, and at any time we can have a tech go to your home or business for quick repairs.  We realize that getting quick air conditioning repair services in Peoria is crucial whenever temperatures are unbearably hot.  In the summer months in Arizona, when your cooling unit fails, we will automatically classify it as an emergency. We really do not want anyone to be in harm's way due to not having a comfortable home to stay in.

Naturally after hours emergency calls do cost a somewhat more, but are well worth it.  Our affordable rates, great customer service, and state-of-the-art products have given us a spotless track record in AZ! We encourage you research our company, then call us to make your appointment today!  In addition to the emergency ac repair services that our company provides, we also offer general repairs during normal business hours, maintenance, and installation of residential and business heating and cooling systems.  A yearly maintenance check done by a specialist, will likely extend the life of your system and help eliminate expensive emergency repairs that may surface at the most inconvenient time.  You will not find an air conditioning contractor in Peoria that works as hard as we do to provide exceptional services to the tens of thousands of households and businesses in the area.  When you hire us for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) repairs, installation, or maintenance, rest assured that the job will be done right the first time!  In the next section, we will go over the value of air conditioner maintenance and how it can help you to lower your expenses.

Inspecting Your AC To Save Money on Unnecessary Emergency AC Repair Calls

If you use our maintenance service you will definitely eliminate an emergency call out, you will also increase the life span of the unit and most importantly save money.  Many homeowners in the area operate their ac unit for at least seven or eight months out of the year. This is a lot of wear and tear on an ac unit, so the best time of the year to have a maintenance check done is during the early spring months before the temperature starts getting really hot.  You do not have to employ a specialist for simple regular monthly ac maintenance, but for a complete inspection, be sure to leave it to the experts.

When doing simple home maintenance on your HVAC unit, be sure to turn off the power to the unit to ensure your own safety.  Understand that you will save money by doing some simple maintenance of your own at the start and the end of the air-conditioning season such as:

* Removing leaves and debris (clean the unit).
* Cleaning the fins on a regular basis will help to ensure maximum air flow.
* Inspect and straighten the ac fins. For less than $20, you can get a tool from a hardware store in Peoria called an air conditioner fin tool that will make this job simple.
* Check to see that your unit is level. A/C units that are not level an end up costing you serious bucks!

Here are a few more complex maintenance steps to take, which you really should let the experts take care of if you do not know what you are doing:

1. When the evaporator coil gets dirty, it will need to be cleaned. If it is not cleaned, it can result in all sorts of complications as your unit works harder to keep working. 
2. Clean the evaporator drain (mold and algae will build up in the hose and will require to be removed for most efficient use - or an emergency on-site visit will be required into the season).
3. One of the simplest, quickest, and cheapest preventative maintenance actions to take is changing the blower filter. This should be done year round frequently. Not only does it help to keep your ac running nicely, but it also makes your house cleaner and healthier.

Obviously there is much more to our comprehensive maintenance service, we will ensure your ac is fully functional and ready to work at highest efficiency for the season ahead.  You shouldn't be hesitant to ask our experts for assistance at any time, we are happy and ready to help anytime.

Affordable AC Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

We also have an installation service, which of course comes with a full maintenance plan to keep it up and running all year round.  Keeping your HVAC maintained is important, if you get the unit prepared before the hot season it is less likely you are going to ever require an emergency call out.  We stock parts for most air conditioning units and also offer emergency services. If you need AC repair for Peoria we can be there very quickly!  We make it easy and affordable! Just call us and we will be out to help with your Arizona air conditioning needs.

AC maintenance is not a DIY project. The newer units require special equipment and the knowledge to perform specific maintenance tasks. Our rates are very affordable and could end up saving you a lot of money.  Most educated DIY'ers realize that when they call us the repairs are done right and we offer some of the best rates in the Valley. When it comes to AC maintenance and repair, you simply will not find a more dependable and honest service. Most of our Peoria customers use us year after year.  We work hard to maintain top reviews for Peoria AC repair and maintenance. Call us today and discover why the largest majority of our customers are repeat customers!

Just like anything mechanical, maintenance is key to averting a more expensive AC repair due to neglect.  Is your unit making a funny noise, not cooling efficiently or just doesn't sound right? If you think your air conditioner needs a repair, contact us. We will be happy to come out to diagnose your problem and go over the most affordable solutions to get your air conditioner back to running right.  Do you need AC repair or maintenance services right now?  We are going to look after you every step of the way. Quick and trustworthy air conditioning repair in Peoria is at your fingertips! Email or call us now.  Pay attention to your AC unit. The following list will give you some things to pay attention to and can help you determine if you only need basic maintenance or a repair.

Andy Finishing Air Conditioner Repair in Peoria* If your unit is running continuously (Struggling to cool your home)
* If your AC unit has started to blow warm air
* The unit seems like it's not running full speed (Might be bent fins or motor needs replaced)
* Water dripping/leaking out of the unit - If the unit is leaking water you are ready for our maintenance service. In most cases the unit just needs a little maintenance. If neglected it could turn into a costly repair.
* Cycling on and off for no reason - (If the unit is running in short cycles and cutting out on a regular basis you are going to need us in there sooner rather than later.)
* Operating louder than normal - While it might be something simple, it should probably be diagnosed by a technician to determine the cause.
* Noticeable odor - (If the unit is giving off a nasty smell there may be a blockage somewhere which needs taking care of asap.)
* Frozen coils - (Can be from reduced air flow from bent fins or damaged fan, a refrigerant leak, blocked condensation line or faulty thermostat.)
* Will not come on - (Needs diagnosed by a technician. It could be as simple as a lack of electricity or a seized motor to name a couple of potential problems)

If you want to save money on ac repairs and emergency calls, then regular ac maintenance ought not to be neglected.  Maintenance checks are important when you are concerned with saving money, without regular maintenance you can incur higher energy bills and possibly need to call for emergency failures.

In the West Valley area, we are the number one company that people call for ac problems. Our team is highly skilled in all areas of ac maintenance and repairs.  If you are concerned that your ac might be showing signs of repairs needed, then call now for a detailed checkup, it is better to do it now before it breaks down in the sweltering summer heat. Staying healthy in the summer heat should be your most important priority. We are the best because we have no hidden costs, we are friendly and trustworthy, what more could you ask for.  Are you wondering when to call out our emergency air conditioner repair Peoria?  Are you aware of the issues that call for immediate help?  Below you will find additional information.

Peoria Homeowner Performing AC CheckupIndications That Your AC Needs an Immediate Repair

To protect yourself from any further costly repairs, if you find that you have any of the following things going on, then call right away for HVAC services:

1. You might notice a bad smell from your AC system, this is a warning sign that ought not to be ignored.
2. If you notice that your ac is not blowing air like it should, something is not right.
3. If the unit is making loud noises that it has not made ever before.
4. Coils that are frozen are a serious problem.
5. Lots of damage can occur from water leaks. Do not let this go, as the problem will only get worse.
6. If there is a connection problem and your ac will not turn on at all, you should call for professional help.

Our qualified techs are readily available to assist you with any of the problems listed above.

While we would love your business, we will never pressure you into getting any services. As a homeowner, you are ultimately responsible for what you decide. We will always give you our lowest price quote and honest opinions.

You might be wondering why you should choose Phoenix AC and Heating for your air conditioning repair Peoria services.

Our techs are certified and attend classes on a regular basis in order to stay on top of the most recent techniques in heat pump repair, ductless AC repair and all other types of AC system repair.

What Our Peoria Customers are Saying About Our AC Service

Highly Rated HVAC Company in PeoriaIn Arizona, we have been well known for years for our superior customer service, great products, and competitive prices.  Why look anywhere else for Peoria air conditioner repair? We are available 24 hours a day for any air conditioner emergency.  We will not stop working until your HVAC is up and running again, we just want you to be completely happy with the work we have done.  Here's more evidence that our customers are pleased with air conditioning repair Peoria work we do:

"I have used these guys for my air conditioning maintenance for a few years now and would not go with anyone else. Every time they arrive, the techs are always polite and very helpful." (Dotty, Peoria, Arizona)

"I've been using this company for a few years now and am a satisfied customer." P. Martinez, Arizona)

"I needed an air conditioning contractor Peoria and called them up, it was an urgent situation for us and they came fast. Our heat pump had completely stopped worked, it was back up and running in less than an hour. We now use them to maintain our HVAC and it stays running all year round no problems at all." (Shawn, Peoria,AZ)

Try to protect yourself from needing our emergency AC repair service by using our all in one maintenance service.  A customer service associate is able to assist you now, call: 602-313-1777

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