Heating and Cooling System Information for Homeowners

HVCA systems are of utmost importance in the home. They help to maintain comfort and safety by controlling proper airflow and controlling the climate indoors. To enjoy the perks of an efficient system, it has to be working properly; otherwise, it will just cause you heartache knowing that you have to keep in constant communication with HVCA repair professionals which can be frustrating. If you have to spend lots of money to fix it, it may be time to replace your entire system. Here are some warning signs that it is time to look for a new HVCA system.

  • When it is too old? The heating, ventilation and cooling systems typically serve homeowners for around 10-15 year. Note that cooling and heating costs roughly take up around 44% of your utility costs; thus, you should replace your system if you are paying more.
  • Do you notice excessive smell, dust, and noise? If your house always had dust even after cleaning, it means that there are leaks in the duct work compromising the efficiency of the system.
  • Are your utility bills are skyrocketing? If you are paying higher utility bills that what you are used to, it is an indication that your current system has to go. The same applies if you are constantly looking for air conditioner repair experts as it could be a sign that the system has reached its dying years.
  • Are there inconsistencies with heating and cooling? The air conditioner is supposed to maintain consistent temperatures in your entire home. If it no longer works well, then basic HVCA service may not cut it.

How to Choose a New HVAC System

Air Conditioner RepairIt is no easy fit picking out a new HVCA system as a lot goes into ensuring that it is the right fit for your home. If possible, consult with your designer or architect before the HVCA engineers to know if there are any unusual demands that your building presents. Talk in-depth about the heating needs for your home so that you can forget about Emergency AC repair for a while. Some you should have in mind to end up with an efficient system include:

  • Size- getting a size that is too large or small for your home space will not give you a break from HVCA repair contractors even when you have a new system. The wrong sizes will regularly need home AC repair; thus, you must calculate load capacity before settling on the system to install.
  • Do not compromise on quality- you will be using your new system for the next decade; thus, you want to make an investment that will not start causing trouble after a few years where 24-hour AC repair experts are on your speed dial. Shop for durable furnaces and boilers that come with extended warranties as these present fewer headaches over the years.
  • Think local- while purchasing your new heating and cooling system, it is important to get a system which local HVCA experts can service without any problem. Note that the modern, sophisticated systems require checkups on a regular basis by professionals who are familiar with installation, design and individual characteristics.

While it makes sense to purchase an energy efficient HVCA system, there are a couple of green technologies that homeowners can take advantage of to save money and maximize on energy. These include:

Using Your HVAC System Smarter

Your home’s energy efficiency will improve significantly by using energy star heating and cooling systems. Another suggestion that makes a huge difference is adjusting the temperature. Slight changes in temperature can impact your home’s energy efficiency, especially in areas where it is extremely cold or hot. When it’s sunny outside, open the windows to let the heat. It can help to adjust the thermostat to a friendly range.

It would also be wise for a home owner who is looking for a totally new HVAC to check out some of the new and best technologies that the HVAC world has to offer:

Movement-Activated Air Conditioning

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning

 On-Demand Hot Water Recirculator

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

Sensor-Enhanced Ventilation

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

Geothermal Heat Pump

If you have additional questions, about HVAC maintenance, repair, or new installation, it is always best to get a professional opinion from the qualified people who work with all types of heating and cooling systems on a daily basis. Remember your home is an investment, so take the time to research HVAC companies so that you get the very best service when it comes to your heating and cooling system.