Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Certified HVAC Maintenance TechnicianEveryone knows that the summer temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona can be extremely uncomfortable, as outside temperatures remain in the triple digits from June till October. Continual 24/7 running of HVAC units means keeping your HVAC unit in optimum working order. Getting the full life out of your heating and cooling unit means using a quality HVAC service to check on components and fluids. A homeowner can do minor home AC repair easily, but using our reputable and knowledgeable technicians at Phoenix AC and Heating ensures that an expert thoroughly checks your entire HVAC system.

Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Servicing an air conditioning/heating unit means extending the high-quality working life of the unit. Most units come with life expectancies from 15 to 30 years. Heating and cooling units do come with a warranty, but to get the full use a home owner must do regular tune ups and servicing. On average with no maintenance most units will last up to 15 years. Add a little maintenance and that calculation moves to 20 years. Doing regular maintenance on HVAC systems can reach 25+ years. High quality air flow for a minimal price for decades with the same HVAC system saves the homeowner money, promotes good service, and brands.

General Maintenance by Phoenix AC and Heating

Our technicians take great pride in their work and treat every home as if it was their own. They thoroughly go through and check the following:

  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Assess the Fans
  • Examine the Condensate Drain
  • Check the Electrical Connections
  • Thermostat Check
  • Inspect the Outdoor Unit
  • Inspect the Indoor Unit
  • Check Lubrication Level
  • Removing Any Debris

Additionally, on the air conditioner portion: coil cleaning on the evaporator and condenser, checking refrigerant, and blower adjustments must meet standards. On the heating unit portion: checking the heating elements for safe operation. Homeowners can set up a maintenance agreement on a regular schedule to keep their unit in tiptop shape. Most residential HVAC services recommend annual maintenance but the Phoenix environment and the brand of your unit may demand more or less service visits.

Cost of Maintaining Your HVAC System

Cost of maintenance on heating and cooling units can vary depending on brand, size of system, and age of unit. Like vehicles some parts increase in price since it may not be manufactured at the level when the unit was purchased. As technology discovers new and better materials some parts can be upgraded to ensure your unit reaches its full life expectancy. Remodeling of homes add additional space to heat and cool so a qualified technician from Phoenix AC and Heating can make recommendations of supplement to your present HVAC system. This ensures adequate heating and cooling as well as not over taxing the system in place. Average cost for the maintenance service ranges from $150 to $500, which is much cheaper than replacing a HVAC system.

Things a Home Owner Can Do After Professional HVAC Service

In addition to calling the pros at Phoenix AC and Heating for all or your HVAC service and repair needs, a homeowner should regularly do a self-maintenance check at least a couple times a year. A home owner can extend the life of the unit by doing a few simple things. Frequent changing of the air filter on the unit makes sure the air flows easily through the system. Consider buying a permanent electrostatic filter that you wash on a regular basis. In the fall after leaves have come off the trees, wash your unit out. Debris from plant life and animals will accumulate in the housing.

24-Hour Emergency AC & Heating Repairs

Even despite the best maintenance an electrical storm, a weak part, or accident can make a unit malfunction. In times like this, especially in the summer months, you will want to call our 24-Hour AC repair number. Sitting in the heat in Phoenix, Arizona can mean dehydration or heat exhaustion for your family. Having a regular maintenance contract means your service knows your unit so pricing will be upfront and explained. Use it as an opportunity to upgrade to more environmentally friendly products or parts.

Looking Out for Our Customers

As a house ages the additional features and accessories may need updating. In the Phoenix area, dry heat blankets the land so if the home had a humidifier make sure it stays in good working order. Thermostats last many years but sometimes new products can do additional cost saving measures with all the smart home technology available. Duct work can become dated so check on new products available. When you schedule your annual HVAC maintenance check, you have a set of experts to chat with about options on the market. Good businesses like Phoenix AC and Heating are always looking for better ways to help customers.